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Logo Sweets

Mint or assorted flavoured logo sweets. Assorted flavours include mint, cherry, lemon, orange, apple or cola. Available with top twist, double twist or flow wrap wrappers.  Colours do not need to correspond with flavours e.g. green can be lemon flavoured.
50kg of Top Twist - 7500 sweets approx
50kg of Flow Wraps - 15000 sweets approx
50kg of Double Twists - 15000 sweets approx

Manufacturer Part Number: C1066

Unit Weight: 3g

Lead Time: 4 - 5 weeks

Print Area: Flow wrap - print positioned on the front with room on the back for more text. Top & Double twist - repeat print

Shelf Life: 3 years

Colour Options: Various

Flavour Options: Cherry, Lemon, Mandarine, Cola, Apple, Strawberry, Lime, Peach Mint, Blackberry, Liquorice,Pineapple

Colour Print: Up to 4

Dimensions: Sweet Dimension: 22 x 12mm

Minimum Order Quantity: 50kg

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